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Otomen Volume 7 Manga Summary

This is for nazurahchan, since I promised to have this done for her ages ago and am criminally late with it. ): I bet that the translation is already out by now, but… Please don’t hate me. I’ll try to make it up to you somehow! DX


Naked!Asuka under the cut~Collapse )


Hyakujitsu no Bara OVA

Apparently the OVA for the manga, Hyakujitsu no Bara by Inariya Fusanosuke, is out. And since Inoue Kazuhiko-san voices one of the main characters, I decided to give it a try. ...But -honestly- I didn't last even five minutes into the episode. It's that terrible.

Inariya-sensei has really lovely art, even if her plot is kind of twisted and her characters are very shallow (at least to me), so I was really disappointed by the animation. It's horrific. Characters that should have looked beautiful... really, really didn't. )8

This OVA's only saving grace was the fact that Inoue-san voices Klaus, but I remember from the manga that the character can get very violent with his uke, so that's not much help either.

I don't want to discourage you from watching the OVA if you liked the manga, and OVAs are always terrible, but... This one is exceptionally so. I didn't enjoy it one bit. ...Well, except for hearing Inoue-san's voice, that is.

Bleach Anime is Sexy.

Honestly, as much as I love Bleach, I haven't been keeping up with the manga. And I wasn't even up to date with the anime until I finally stumbled across clips of Kon-in-Ichigo's-body dressed up as like a Power Ranger. I took one look at him and said to myself, "Go. Find episode. Now."

Imagine my surprise when I realized that there were two episodes of Karakura Riser Kon!

There should be more filler episodes like these...Collapse )

But the reason why I'm even making this post at all is because of the episodes that follow after. Who loved seeing the Shinigami captains? Me! Who loved seeing Aizen and his Espada? ...Well, I wasn't happy to see the traitorous Shinigami, but Stark is my favorite Espada! And who loved Shuuhei's battle? I know I did~

Shuuhei deserves more love.Collapse )

But seeing Shuuhei's zanpakutou, Kazeshini, made me wonder which zanpakutou is my favorite. I mean, I like all of them equally, because they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but as for my favorite... I guess Tensa Zangetsu is very interesting. So is Zabimaru. And Senbonzakura is beautiful when it "scatters" (command: Chire). Rukia's Sode no Shirayuki (command: Dance [Mae]) is also a very pretty sword. However, I think that I have to say that it's probably Urahara's Benihime.

Ichigo: "Oops. I guess it was a zanpakutou after all. D8"

Benihime ("Crimson Princess") is just such an unique zanpakutou, both in form and ability. It has a curved hilt with decorations, and it apparently has a female spirit, since Urahara refers to it as a "her". She seems to have a bad personality, though, because her attacks are as fierce and deadly as Zangetsu's. (And the names of her attacks always have to do something with blood.) But I love her commands (Awaken [Okiro] and Sing/Cry [Nake]), especially when Urahara says them in Miki-san's voice~

Anyway, watching the anime makes me wonder if I should start reading the manga again, but a lot of what is happening now is so wild and crazy. Maybe when Urahara makes an appearance again, I'll go back to this series. Or in order to find out what happens to Shuuhei? Or maybe wait for the Vaizard to make their appearance? Who knows...

Naruto Chap 440

"I believe in you."


OMG, Naruto. No one ever told you that you were the Yondaime's son? How horrible the last sixteen years must have been for you! (I thought he at least had an inkling on who his father really was... No one else in the entire village has the same blonde hair and blue eyes, after all!)

But I loved seeing more of the Yondaime! He really cared about Naruto, even though he didn't get to spend much (any?) time with him before he died. And he would have been such a wonderful father too if this chapter has anything to say about it...



Naruto Chap 439


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Kishimoto-sensei. When you maybe (read: most likely) killed off my favorite character, I was very, very upset with you. But since you let another character I really like appear, I think I can forgive you a little bit. If you show more of him putting Kyuubi back in his place, I might even start following Naruto faithfully again.

...Well. Maybe.

...Actually, no. Not really.


Bleach Chap 349

OMG! This page! DDD;

Speculations for the next chapter? SPOILERS!!!

Poor Orihime. She looks so devastated about Ichigo maybe being dead, but don't worry! He's the shounen hero, he can't die!

By the way, the long hair he gets after she screams for him to help her... Reminds me of his Hollow form from his training with the Vizard. What does that mean exactly? Is Ichigo's inner hollow taking over? Is Ichigo going to pay another visit to his inner world? Will we be seeing Zangetsu again?

Also, OMG. Ishida. Your loss of a hand and love for Orihime breaks my heart in so many ways. I really hope you don't die.

And I want someone to hurry up and defeat Ulquiorra. I've never liked him as a character and he's getting really annoying with his god-like abilities. ...Ichigo, Hollow Ichigo, I don't care which of you takes care of the punk but do it soon.


My Saturday Was Filled With Anime!

Yesterday, I watched up to episode 12 of Master of Epic (noooooo! Rono! What have you done, Collon?!) and the first couple episodes of Legendz (what a strange anime, but Shiron is so cute as a hamster-like creature and I love listening to Inoue-san's voice when Shiron turns into his dragon form! lol.)

I also rewatched some of the older episodes of Naruto, the ones where Kakashi first appears and some of Wave Country arc. It reminded me why Kakashi is my favorite character. Although he obviously has his flaws, he still has good points that definitely outweigh the bad. And he actually has a genuine affection for the kids -he just shows it in unusual ways- and does his best to protect them, so that's a good thing about him too.

Although I haven't really kept up with Naruto Shippuden, I remember being very disappointed that the Kakashi gaiden was never animated. I waited through filler after filler episode, wishing for it, hoping for it, before realizing that it would never be turned into an episode was a huge disappointment. Ultimate fail, animators, ultimate fail!

Also, does anyone know about whether things have been confirmed in the manga? About the aftermath of Kakashi's battle? D8

Master of Epic

At glitteringloke's suggestion, I watched the first episode of Master of Epic last night. Apparently, it's an anime about the RPG game and Inoue-san voices quite a few of the male characters. Of all of his characters, though, my favorite is Rono, an elf warrior in armor.

Over all, the show confuses me (I'm sure I'm missing out on the humor because I haven't played the game and can't help but have an expression of "OMGWTF" stuck on my face afterward), some of the characters scare me (...those little girls, what are they called again? The Warage? I think my eyes burn up a little every time they come on screen...), but I can't seem to stop watching! Oh well! At least I can listen to Inoue-san's voice, and there's always Rono! 8D

Thank you, Loke-san, for linking this series to me!

How I Spent My Weekend!

Watched Kyou Kara Maou: I never would have that I would be making this post, because Kyou Kara Maou was the first anime I gave up on after the second episode (ordinarily, I'm somewhat of a masochist, and will try to finish a series even if I don't like it), but here we are! In my defense, Inoue Kazuhiko-san and Morikawa Toshiyuki-san are both in it. At the same time. How could I not crumble at the chance to hear their voices if I give KKM another try? Besides, glitteringloke was kind enough to link me to some of the KKM drama CDs, so I had to listen to them!

The anime I watched online, but halfway through the first episode I remembered why I didn't like this series, so instead I looked for episode by character. Gunter, because he's voiced by Inoue-san, and Conrad who not only is voiced by Morikawa-san but has become my favorite character. (Episode 88 is the best! It's the only one I can sit all the way through for!) I wish Conrad/Gunter was a canon pairing!!! But -although Sakurai Takahiro-san in his role as Cloud is great- I found him kind of annoying as Yuuri. And Wolfram isn't a favorite of mine either. I suppose I can understand why some people really like this series, but I guess I'm just not one of them...

Listened to Drama CDs: I haven't found many Inoue-san Drama CDs lately, but I hunted down some with Morikawa-san, Suwabe Junichi-san, and Suzumura Kenichi-san. They've become some of my favorite voice actors, especially Suwabe-san. His voice is so addicting!

...But... yeah. That's how productive my weekend has been. I-I can't help it that the seiyuu I like are all so distracting!!! Please don't judge me.

Naruto Chaps 424-431

I just caught up with the recent chapters and ;_______; Noooooooo Kishimoto Masashi-sensei!! Please don't let it be true!

I was especially torn over this page, because it's so bittersweet and sad. SpoilersCollapse )